Skipark Frymburk

Skipark Frymburk is located directly in Frymburk, near hotel Maxant and provides:

  • Modern and spacious Meda Kubik children’s park with two moving carpets and a wide variety of fun attractions for children.
  • Meda Kubik’s ski school for children and beginners with a fun way of teaching.
  • A funny snow tubing track 115 m long, with banked turns.
  • Two moving “magic” carpets in the children’s park for convenient transport of children (the carpets are 100 and 80 m long and the carrying capacity of each carpet is 1,200 persons/hour).
  • Two wide and open ski slopes: “Relax” 620 m long and “Tiger” 650 m long, ideal for children and beginners.
  • Evening skiing on a floodlit ski slope with a unique view of the illuminated “night” Frimburk peninsula.
  • Modern “silent” snow cannons capable of covering both the children’s park and both ski slopes with snow.
  • A powerful snowcat for grooming ski slopes.
  • A completely revised ski lift (Poma) with a carrying capacity of 900 persons/hour.
  • The “Ranč U tří Anč” (Three Annies Ranch) snack bar with a children’s corner.
  • Free parking right at the children's park.