Sauna, steam room, infrasauna


Following is a list of benefits regular sauna users enjoy: Soothes and relaxes tired muscles; helps relieve mental fatigue; provides a cardiovascular workout - Helps condition the heart; increases body‘s metabolic rate; improves circulation; relieves tension and stress; provide temporary relief of arthritic pain- many arthritis patients use the sauna daily.

.Sauna also increases resistance to illness by strengthening the immune system; burns as many as 300 calories during a normal sauna session; helps maintain clear, healthy skin - and provides an afterglow of a rosy complexion. It promotes well-being and a total body experience. Our sauna is equipped with cooling shower room with massage shower, waterfall shower and shower mist.

To be assured that sauna has optimal temperature (95° - 98°C), has to be turned on 30 minutes prior to your session, please call us to make your reservation in advance.


  • Sauna is private, max occupancy 2 people.
  • Price: 1000, - CZ / 2 hours / max. 2 people

Infrared sauna

Besides regular sauna you can use also infrared sauna. Infrared sauna is a treatment that uses infrared radiation to warm up the body to the depth of up to 4cm. The warmth induces perspiration, and improves the blood circulation of the skin.

The procedure is used to create an overall feeling of relaxation, to rest or to rejuvenate your muscles after strenuous exertion, with occurrences of muscle rheumatism, aches of joints or the spine. You are wearing your swimsuit while using infrared sauna.

We recommend you to use infrared sauna to pre-warm and relax the muscles prior to classical massages.

Steam room

Using a steam room you are actually allowing your body to detoxify itself from several fat stored toxins. This is also called heat stress detoxification. Aside from actual detoxification, there is also the opportunity for great mental anguish to be relieved as well.

Being in a steam room the heat and humidity greatly improves the circulation of your blood and also your speeds up your metabolism. Improved blood circulation in itself will help alleviate some very minor ailments such as headaches, numbness, and tingling.


Swimming pool, infrared sauna and steam room can be used by hotel guests only and are free of charge.