General Contract Terms

Mutual contractual relationship between the participant of lodging (the Customer) and the Hotel Maxant, Frymburk 80, 382 79, is governed by the provisions of the Civil and Commercial Code and is amended by these General Terms.

Establishment of contractual relationship 
The contractual relationship between the Customer and the Hotel Maxant is established under a written contract (i.e. properly filled order or inquiry from our www pages or written order sent by e-mail, fax or letter). Inquiry form or written order must be confirmed back by the hotel.
The exception includes accommodation with the arrival day of less than 2 days from the date of order. In such case, a telephone order is considered biding.

Guarantee by credit card
Online booking is guaranteed by credit card. 
We require a valid credit card to guarantee the reservation in case of late cancellation or no-show. We reserve the right to pre-authorize your credit card to ensure that the card is valid and has a sufficient balance.
If the reservaation is canceled by the customer at the time, which is subject to the cancellation fees, hotel reserves the right to charge the cancellation fees, even without the presence of the Customer.

Advance payment
The hotel reserves the right to request advance payment prior to the stay commencement. The magnitude of such advance payment is based on the magnitude of the total price of the accommodation; usually 50% unless agreed otherwise, the advance payment is due within one week after the booking confirmation.  

Final payment
Final payment will be required to pay on the arrival day.

Cancellation of reservation by the customer
The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded with the hotel any time prior to their arrival. The reservation shall be cancelled in writing. Cancellation payments, if any, are calculated from the total price of the accommodation, i.e. not from the magnitude of the above-mentioned advanced payment.

Cancelation fee / schedule
We accept only a cancellation if sent in written form.

Our standard cancelation schedule:

  • 31 days before arrival and beofore that without a fee.
  • Between 30th day and 14th day before arrival 20 % of total price.
  • Between 13th day and 7th day 30 % of total price.
  • Between 6th day and 3rd day 50 % of total price.
  • Within 2 days before arrival 100 % of total price.

Crucial to the determination of the date of the cancellation is delivery date of written notification to the hotel. 
Hotel will not charge cancellation fees in case of serious illness or death of the guest (must be documented).

Cancellation of reservation by the hotel
The hotel is entitled to cancel the reservation if the stay is particularly difficult or endangered or due to the unforeseeable exceptional circumstances that couldn’t have been anticipated at the time of the contract conclusion (binding order confirmation). The hotel is obliged to inform the customer about the reservation cancellation without unnecessary delay and the customer will receive a full refund for the services agreed. At the same time, the customer is not obliged to any other compensation. 

Premature termination of the stay
In the case of the premature termination or interruption of the stay caused not through the fault of the hotel, the hotel is not obliged to refund or reduce the price of the booked accommodation or proportionate part thereof.

Discounts, last minute offers, vouchers
Discounts and discount vouchers cannot be combined; the hotel will apply the most optimal discount for the customer. 
Last minute offers cannot be combined with another discounts or vouchers.

Prices and services
Approximate prices for accommodation and any other services are published in the presentation materials of the landlord (web pages, leaflets, etc.).The customer, however, is bound only by the confirmed price stated in the accommodation voucher.The range of services and prices contracted is bound by the listing in the voucher.

Accommodation prices for children
The price of accommodation is calculated based on the present pricelist / offer. 
One child under 2 years of age will be accommodated free of charge (without entitlement to own bed and meal). For the second child under 2 years of age, the price for a 3 – 5 year-old-child will be charged. 

Charge for vacant bed
Should the guest require a room with more beds than assumed number of accommodated persons, fee for vacant bed will be charged.

Gift cards
Gift vouchers cannot be returned nor refunded.  However, the expiration period on gift voucher can be extended upon agreement.

The "General Contract Terms"  apply to the participants of lodging at the Hotel Maxant, Frymburk n. 80, and enter into force on Januray 1, 2014 and apply to the accommodation and services ordered after this date.