Herbal baths

Published: 16.11.2018

Now  you can enjoy herbal baths in our hotel.

We use products from the st.Francis drying kiln, where hand-picked herbs are sensitively dried in a century-old wooden drying room.

The actual bathtubs are wooden and made by hand showing the wood charm and handwork.

You can choose from these baths:

Lavender - calming, good sleep, suitable for sensitive skin

Oregano  - to soothe, strengthen the organism, helps with poor blood circulation

Marigold - regenerates and softens the skin

Hops with green oat - helps with eczema, skin softening

Recommended bath time is 5 minutes + 30 minutes relaxation after bath.

Price: 1 person 700,-

             2 persons 1300,-

A drink and a bath towel are included in the price.

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